Cultures In The UAE

The Blend Of Arabian, Islamic, And Persian Cultures In The UAE

UAE is the land where people from different religions come and stay together but in reality, it’s a Muslim nation and has a mix of Islamic, Arabian, and Persian cultures. Moreover, all the seven Emirates in UAE follow the blend of these cultures and you can see it through their lifestyle, cuisines, and many other activities that reflect on the country’s history as well.

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So, without any further delays let’s have a look at the vital points that makes the blend of these cultures even more attractive in the UAE:

Important Steps that Highlight the UAE Culture

A Warm Welcome

Everyone knows how open-hearted the people of UAE are and the hospitality they show to their guests is simply amazing. Whether it’s an Arabic, Islamic, or Persian culture, the best way to greet a person of the same gender is either by shaking hands or a hug to show respect towards each other along with the praises of God.

However, this way of greeting is used for men only. So, when women welcome other women, it’s better to shake hands only instead of loud embraces and kisses on the cheeks as it’s forbidden in their culture.

Greetings at Home

Whenever you go to an Emirati’s home, they’ll welcome you and offer coffee and dates as it’s part of their culture. Secondly, it’s the token of appreciation shown by the homeowner to their guests as a sweet gesture.

Furthermore, the host and guests shake each other hands on the arrival and the time of leaving as well one more thing, always remove your shoes or slippers while entering the house as it’s seen as a negative aspect of the UAE culture to enter the house while wearing your shoes. 

Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a period that has been strongly inherited in the culture of UAE as it’s a Muslim country. Whether it’s a blend of Persian, Arabic, or Islamic, the culture followed during the month of Ramadan is constant.

All Muslims observe fast from sunrise till sunset for the whole month. So, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited while you’re fasting and if someone breaks the fast then there’s a very strict punishment to atone for the sin.

Besides that, the good side of this month is that people usually follow a culture of providing meals for free to those who cannot afford to eat properly to observe fast for the whole month.

Delicious Cuisines

One of the most amazing feats of UAE is its delicious cuisines for which this country is popular all around the world. When you look at it from the cultural point of view you’ll find many dishes famous in Persian, Arabian, and Islamic cultures like Stew & rice, Fattoush Kunafa, and Harees.

What’s more interesting is that the people of UAE welcome others with open hearts whether it’s a restaurant or in-house, you can eat as much as you want until you’re satisfied.

Traditional Arts of UAE

When you look at the popular paintings and artifacts in museums in UAE, it shows you a glimpse of the country’s history. You’ll be able to find out that the paintings are a mix of Arabian, Persian, and Islamic cultures.

In addition, their literature is famous because of the two most unique Nabati and Spoken Poetry. It’s that much amazing that you cannot explain your happiness in words. 

There’s another traditional way of music that is being followed by all generations called “Qawali.” It’s a unique way to express the words that’ll not only be a treat to watch but gives a vibe out of this world.

Now that you’ve read about the blend of these cultures in UAE, let’s talk more about the:

Persian Culture

The dressing style you usually see people following in UAE is strongly inherited from the Persians. For Men, it’s a loose-fitting cloth in white color along with a head scarf and women wear a black cloak called Burqa to hide their body while going out of their house.

And when you talk about their food, Harees, a slow-cooked meal is also a famous Persian dish which has now become a popular dish in UAE.

Islamic Culture

Islam is not only followed as a culture but as a religion as well because UAE is a country of Muslims. In short, Islam is a way of life that every Muslim follows. 

For example, when it’s prayer time, all Muslim brothers leave everything and make their way towards the mosque and its architectureis one of a kind.

Besides that, during the month of Ramadan, all the Muslims get together for Iftaar and raise their hands to make wishes of good fortunes for each other and then celebrate Eid – ul – Fitr with friends and relatives.

Arabian Culture

Arabic culture is the one that is most inherited by United Arab Emirates as Saudi Arabia is the nearest country. As they’re both located in deserts, the culture of camel riding is common and strongly followed in UAE.

Even though their way of welcoming guests is the same, in both countries, people served their guests coffee and dates as a pre-meal. Their traditional outfit is also the same, kandura for men and abaya for women.

Parting Words

UAE has adopted all the Persian, Islamic, and Arabic cultural activities from the beginning and the interesting thing is that these cultures are still being followed in the present time. 

For instance, if we talk about their cuisine, you’ll find a Harees, it’s a Persian dish. Then the dressing style of the people of UAE resembles that of Arabians which is known as kandura and abaya for women. 

And festivals like Eid ul Fitr are strongly inherited from the Islamic culture and their importance as well.  

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The Blend Of Arabian, Islamic, And Persian Cultures In The UAE