How To Use Philips Shaving Machine

How to Use a Philips Shaving Machine and Trimmer

Grooming routines have evolved, and Philips has been a pioneer in crafting innovative shaving machines and trimmers. Whether you’re a novice or experienced user, mastering the art of using these devices can enhance your grooming experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into step-by-step instructions and tips on utilizing Philips shaving machine and trimmer effectively.

How To Use Philips Shaving Machine

Unboxing Your Philips Shaving Machine and Trimmer

When you receive your Philips shaving machine and trimmer, ensure you have all components: 

the device, charging cable, trimming attachments, and user manual.

Charging Your Device

Connect the Cable:

 Plug the charging cable into the device and a power source. The initial charge is crucial for optimal performance.

Charging Indicator: 

Most Philips devices have an LED indicator that shows charging progress. A full charge might take a few hours.

Using the Shaving Machine


Cleanse and dry your face before shaving. Long hair? Trim it down first with the trimmer attachment.

Select Attachment:

 Choose the appropriate shaving head attachment based on your preferred style. Attach it securely.

Turn It On: 

Press the power button. Start with gentle, circular motions, moving against the grain of your hair growth.

Post-Shave Care: 

Rinse your face and the shaving head. Apply a soothing aftershave balm to reduce irritation.

Using the Trimmer

Attachment Selection: 

Pick the desired trimming guide comb to achieve the desired hair length.

Trimming Technique: 

Against the direction of hair growth, move the trimmer slowly. Use light pressure for an even trim.

Tackling Different Areas: 

Adjust attachments as needed when trimming different areas like the beard, mustache, and sideburns.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Switch Off and Detach:

 Turn off the device before cleaning. Detach attachments and brushes.

Brush Away Hair: 

Use the cleaning brush (often provided) to remove trapped hair from attachments.

Rinse Attachments:

 Some Philips devices are washable. Rinse attachments under running water but avoid soaking the main unit.

Tips for Optimal Performance

Regularly oil the blades of your trimmer attachment.

Clean the device after each use to prevent bacteria buildup.

Replace shaving heads and trimmer blades as recommended by Philips.

For sensitive skin, use a pre-shave lotion to reduce irritation.

Mastering the use of your Philips shaving machine and trimmer can significantly elevate your grooming routine. From precise shaving to detailed trimming, these devices offer versatility and convenience. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and practice proper maintenance for prolonged use. Enjoy a seamlessly groomed appearance with Philips.

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How To Use Philips Shaving Machine