The Advantages of the SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR System

Sansure‘s Real-time PCR, also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is a powerful molecular biology technique that allows for the precise quantification of DNA or RNA molecules in a sample. This technology has revolutionized the field of genetic analysis, offering researchers and healthcare professionals a reliable and efficient tool for a wide range of applications, including disease diagnostics, gene expression studies, and pathogen detection.

The Sansure SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR System

The Sansure SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR System is a state-of-the-art instrument that leverages the latest advancements in real-time PCR technology. Designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, the SLAN-96P offers a range of features that make it an exceptional choice for both research and diagnostic applications.

Exceptional Optical Performance

One of the key features of the SLAN-96P is its unique optical fiber conduction technology, which greatly improves fluorescence collection efficiency and helps to avoid fluorescence interference between neighboring tubes. This innovative approach ensures accurate and reliable results, even in complex sample matrices.

Maintenance-Free LED Light Source

The SLAN-96P boasts a lifetime maintenance-free ultra-bright LED cold light source, which provides a large signal value and high stability. This design not only simplifies the instrument’s maintenance but also contributes to its overall reliability and longevity.


A state-of-the-art device, the Sansure SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR System consistently produces excellent results. Researchers and healthcare providers may rely on the SLAN-96P, thanks to its sophisticated optical design, maintenance-free light source, and complete features, for efficient and accurate genetic analysis.

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The Advantages of the SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR System