Why Is Dubai So Popular for Gold Investment?

Dubai is known as the city of gold all over the world. Do you know why? It’s because a remarkable 25% of the global precious metal trades are done here. All thanks to DMCC —- Government of Dubai Authority responsible for facilitating trade flows.

Because most of the gold trade is done through DMCC’s Free Zone.  But why exactly is Dubai such a hotspot for gold investment? Let’s understand why Dubai is the top choice for gold investors for tourists and immigrants alike and why to invest in gold in Dubai.

1. No Value Added Tax on Bullion

One of the major perks of investing in gold in Dubai is that there’s no Value Added Tax (VAT) on bullion or investment-grade gold bars. But what differentiates it from the usual gold bars in Dubai? The answer is its purity content. Gold bars that are 99.5% pure are considered to be investment-grade gold bars.

So, unlike many other places where buying gold means paying extra taxes, Dubai offers a tax-free haven for investors. This means every dirham you invest goes straight into acquiring precious metals, maximizing your investment potential.

2. Competitive Prices

Dubai’s gold market boasts some of the most competitive prices globally—- thanks to its strategic location and robust infrastructure. As it is connected to many gold-producing and consuming countries, it facilitates trade. As a result, the prices are influenced by global gold rates.

You will be surprised to know that many tourists from South Asian countries visit Dubai during the wedding season just to buy gold from here. And if you are a south asian immigrant residing in UAE, you should definitely consider gold investment in Dubai.

Because Dubai’s favorable pricing ensures that every investor finds a golden opportunity within reach.

3. Variety of gold investment options

As Dubai is the city of gold, you will find gold bars and coins from some of the biggest gold refineries in the world. So, you will get a lot of options in terms of gold investment.

Whether you are looking to buy gold bullion coins, gold bars or even gold jewelry — you will find everything here and that too at competitive prices.

4. Value for investment

In Dubai, the gold sector operates under the vigilant oversight of the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Emirates Gold Bullion Committee. They have established a good delivery standard for gold. It’s the national standard that lays out specifications related to transparency and quality for gold traders and refiners in the UAE.

So you get high-quality and pure gold that is valued all over the world. Hence, if you wish to sell it, you will get a good value even in your home country.

If you are a tourist, buying gold in Dubai should be on your list. If you don’t know where to buy gold in Dubai, don’t worry.

We are discussing just that in the next section.

Best Gold Investment Options

There are various kinds of gold investments including Physical gold, gold ETFs, futures, mining stocks etc. However, we have listed the simplest gold investments that you can make as a tourist or immigrant in Dubai.

We are here talking about investments in physical gold i.e. gold coins, bars and jewelry. However, we don’t recommend buying gold jewelry for investment purposes as you have to pay hefty making charges.

So, let’s discuss why investment-grade gold bars and coins are the best gold investments.

1. Investment-grade Gold bars

Investment-grade gold bars are a highly stable and secure investment option. The price of gold always increases. As a result, the worth of your gold bars will also increase. Moreover, there are lots of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

Firstly, these bars are renowned for their purity, with each bar meticulously crafted to meet strict quality standards. This assurance of purity ensures that investors are acquiring genuine assets of lasting value.

Furthermore, investment-grade gold bars are highly liquid assets, meaning they can be easily bought, sold, or traded in the global market.

Another key advantage of investing in gold bars is their tangible nature. Unlike stocks or bonds, which exist solely in digital form, gold bars are physical assets that investors can see and touch.

So, opt for investment-grade gold bars for their potential of getting maximum return on the investment.

2. Gold coins

If you are looking for a gold investment that you can store easily, gold coins is an ideal choice. Additionally, gold coins can fit smaller ticket sizes. So, even if your budget is comparatively low, you can still buy gold coins in Dubai.

And just like gold bars, gold coins are also highly liquid with a good growth potential.

Where to Buy Gold from Dubai?

You can visit Meena Bazaar and Dubai Gold Souk to invest in gold in Dubai. These gold markets in Dubai offer an array of precious metals products. You can choose the investment you like depending upon your budget.

But, please verify the reputation of the jeweler beforehand as you don’t want to end up paying more than the actual price. We suggest visiting Anjali Gold to buy gold bars and coins. They are reputable for providing investment-grade gold bars and coins at the best price. And they have their shops in both the gold markets.

One more thing—if you are a tourist here, please verify the minimum weight of gold that you can carry with you while leaving the country.


Dubai is reputed across the globe for its precious metals. You will find gold coins and bars sourced from the leading refineries of the world here in Dubai. As the country is tax-free, you will get gold at competitive prices. It’s the main reason why tourists love to shop for gold from Meena Bazaar and Dubai Gold Souk.

Apart from that, the gold is of high quality and holds immense value across the globe. So, investors get a high value on their investment when they purchase gold from the “City of Gold”.

Owing to all these reasons, you should not miss buying precious metals if you are visiting the city.

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Why Is Dubai So Popular for Gold Investment?